Providing our services for more than 25 years

Klimatechnik is a company specialising in air conditioning and industrial refrigeration and thermal installations.

It was established as a result of the professional experience of two generations of refrigeration engineers in the air conditioning sector. Today, we are proud to be working on a third generation, ensuring the continuity of the project and the business.

Klimatechnik stands out for its reliable and personalised service where communication is the basis of work with our customers.


Klimatechnik’s commitment

Klimatechnik is officially a maintenance installation company authorised to assemble thermal installations on a professional basis and complying with all the legal guarantees of quality and service.

It is registered in the Register of Industrial Safety Agents of Catalonia (RASIC – REITE).

According to the specification of the Buildings Thermal Installations Regulations (RITE), approved by Royal Decree 1751/1998, dated 31 July in the registry of companies and authorised maintenance companies and successive upgrades.

Our technical personnel holds authorised professional licences and have trained in leading professional schools in the sector.

Holder of Certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In recent years, it has diversified its activity and expanded its equipment with the provision of steam, thermal oil and compressed air installation services.

Our activity is focused on:

  • Industrial, commercial and domestic air conditioning units.

  • Industrial refrigeration units

  • Thermal installations

  • Steam

  • Hot and overheated water.

  • Thermal oil

  • Compressed air.

  • Maintenance and repairs.

  • Legalisation and periodic tests.

Work done

We show you some of our work done in recent years.

Our brands

Klimatechnik always works with the highest quality brands on the market to offer our customers the best quality service.